Why unlock collaboration?

In my 25 years of teaching and writing about the challenges of organizing people to achieve great things, I have returned over and over again to the question, “Why is collaboration sometimes difficult, and sometimes effortless?” If you have wondered about the same mystery, I hope you will join me in an online conversation to unlock the keys to collaboration.

Collaboration is at the center of human life  — at work, within families, and across communities. Increasingly, companies rely on technology to allow employees around the globe to collaborate with one another. A few companies, like Automattic, have built their entire organization as a fully distributed workforce, hiring the best people from over 50 countries to join their tribe.

I created this site as a place to share stories that illuminate how we can break through division, difference, resistance, and conflict to create an uplifting space for collaborating. Do you have a story to share? A dilemma you are wrestling with? You are invited to explore the Collaboration Blog and contact me via a comment, or reach out to me via email.

Thank you for stopping by!